Calator in Thailanda 19. Orchid Hibiscus Guesthouse, Sukhotai / Traveller in Thailand 19. Orchid Hibiscus Guesthouse, Sukhotai

Orchid Hibiscus Guesthouse is a B&B situated not far from the Historical Park. I booked it on internet and paid 3000 bht (aprox. 73 euro) for 2 nights, for an apartment for 4 persons (we have been 3). Breakfast costs … Continue reading

Calator in Thailanda 18. Parcul Istoric Sukhotai / Traveller in Thailand 18. Historical Park Sukhotai

The Historical Park Sukhotai has aprox. 70 square kilometers, and it is divided in 5 zones, the central one being the most important. The monuments here have been restaurated starting 1960 and the park is well preserved and very clean. … Continue reading

Calator in Thailanda 17. Sukhotai, Muang Kao sau Orasul Vechi / Traveller in Thailand 17. Sukhotai, Muank Kao or The Old City

We left Chiang Mai by bus, at 6 o’clock in the morning, to go to Sukhotai. The length of the way was of about 250 km and it took 5 hours. There are 12 buses per day, and a ticket … Continue reading

Calator in Thailanda 13. Wat Srisuphan sau Templul de Argint / Traveller in Thailand 13. Wat Srisuphan or the Silver Temple

The Silver Temple has a special place in the religious landscape of Chang Mai. It was built in 1502 but almost nothing is left from the original. Certain years ago a great renovation begun here. The temple is situated just … Continue reading

Calator in Thailanda 12. Wat Phrasingh sau Manastirea Leului / Traveller in Thailand 12. Wat Phrasingh or the Monastery of the Lion

Wat Phra Singh or the Temple of the Lion was constructed in 1345 by the King Pa Yo, in order to enshrine here the ashes of the King Kam Fu, the 6th ruler of Chang Mai. It is one of … Continue reading

Calator in Thailanda 10. Wat Ku Tao sau Templul Pepenului / Traveller in Thailand 10. Wat Ku Tao or The Watermelon Temple

When you can choose what to see among over 300 temples, your reasons are always subjective. For example, I choosed Wat Ku Tao because of his unusual name, meaning The Watermelon Temple, which is considered to be unique in Thailand. … Continue reading