Arigato, Japonia! 31. Ninna-ji / Arigato, Japan! 31. Ninna-ji

Ninna-ji is a temple in North-Western part of Kyoto. It was constructed in 888 by the order of the emperor Koko. Since 1994 it is part of UNESCO treasury. Till 1869, the head priest of the temple was a member … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 28. Castelul Nijo din Kyoto / Arigato, Japan! 28. Kyoto Nijo Castle

We all know how a Japanese castle does look! A lot of movies presented them and those of you who are regulars for the Discovery channels even know a lot of things about them. Nijo-jo, the castle in Kyoto does … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 11. Todai-ji, Nara / Arigato, Japan! 11. Todai-ji, Nara

Todai-ji was built in 752 by the Emperor Shomu to defend the country against the epidemics but also to consolidate the imperial power.  Nandaimon is the first gate you have to pass through in order to go to Todai-ji.  A … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 8. Ginkaku-ji sau Pavilionul de Argint / Arigato, Japan! 8. Ginkaku-ji or the Silver Pavilion

Ginkaku-ji is a Zen temple and it is part of the UNESCO treasury. You may visit it daily between 8.30-17, and the entrance ticket is 500 yen. Making your way to the temple, you can see a lot of little … Continue reading