Thassos revizitat 7. Sate de munte: Panaghia

Panaghia este un sat de munte pe care l-am vizitat in 2010, acum am trecut doar prin el pentru ca se afla pe principala sosea circulara a insulei, la doar 10 km de capitala Limenas.


Initial, satul s-a numit Anastasion, primind numele sau actual in 1832. Pentru grecii ortodocsi, Panaghia este numele Fecioarei Maria. Acesta este si hramul bisericii, ridicata in 1845.

 Biserica Sf. Panaghia

In sat exista cateva taverne, unde turistii poposesc cu placere,

dar si hoteluri si cafenele:

Cateva case vechi, acoperite cu placi de ardezie se descopera cu greu printre cele noi si moderne.

Thassos Revisited 7. Mountain Villages: Panaghia
I visited Panaghia in 2010. Now I only passed by, as it is situated on the main circular road of the island, at only 10 km of the capital town Limenas.
The first name of the village was Anastasion, and in 1932 it took the name Panaghia, which for the Orthodox Greeks is the name of Virgin Mary. The church, erected on 1845, is also dedicated to St. Panaghia.
There are some taverns in the village, where the tourists come with pleasure, but also a hotel anf cafes. The old little houses, covered with stone slates are not easy to find among the new, modern houses.


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  1. To walk in this street is a wonderful experience. I can feel it just by looking at these photos. I love the sunshine here. Looks so energizing.

    By the way, thanks a lot for your concern re the disaster that hit our country last night.We are all okay. I was monitoring it the whole night. It rained hard then the quake followed. Hope this new month brings happy events.

    Happy weekend, my dear friend. Stay safe always.

  2. It is really a beautiful place,Traveling Hawk! And I love this church.I like these mural paintings,high ceiling,elaborate designs of this architecture.
    And cobalt blue and white,these are Greece color, I love them.

  3. Thank you for the visit, Kumiko! I’m glad you like the location we choosed for our short spring vacation.

    By the way, please tell your husband to see the Osaka Castle post. I added a photo I forget, me wearing another samurai helmet. May be this one is also a famous model! I would like to know.

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