Arigato, Japonia! 55. Umeda Sky Building, Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 55. Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

My last post about Japan presents Umeda Sky Building, which can be visited between 10-22.30. Entrance fee is 700 yen. It was finished on 1993 and inside there are offices, restaurants, a theatre. Up, at the 39thlevel, it is the Floating Garden, offering a 360 degree panorama upon the city. I leave you with the photos taken up there, saying “Sayonara, Japan!”.

Ultima relatare despre obiectivele din Osaka, pe care le-am putut vizita in cele 3 zile de sedere acolo, se va referi la Umeda Sky Building, o alta cladire emblematica a orasului. Era foarte innorat, un cer dramatic chiar care, insa, mi-a dat un plus de trairi, acolo sus.

Cladirea consta din doua turnuri, legate intre ele printr-o punte. Sus, la ultimul etaj (39) se afla observatorul cu Gradina Plutitoare. Cladirea are inaltimea de 173 m, oferind frumoase panorame ale orasului. Ea a fost data in folosinta in 1993 si adaposteste birouri, restaurante, un teatru. Daca ajungi in Osaka, poti veni aici intre 10-22.30, iar intrarea te va costa 700 yen.

Va las in tovarasia ultimului set de fotografii, cu care inchei serialul despre Japonia.

 Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

Sayonara, Japan!


Arigato, Japonia! 55. Umeda Sky Building, Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 55. Umeda Sky Building, Osaka — 15 Comments

  1. Really a very nice blg Traveling Hawk, because I have rarely seen so many beautiful panoramic pictures as in this blog of yours. What buildings and what a height. Thank you that you have let us enjoy.

    Greetings, Helma

  2. I love Umeda Sky Building.
    In December,there is a German Christmas market nere here,we visit here every Christmas season.
    We miss you,Traveling Hawk!
    Thank you very much for coming to Japan!!
    You’re always welcome!!

  3. Thank you, Kumiko, for your nice words! Now it is your turn to come to Romania:)

    A Christmas market? This would be interesting to see!

    Have you seen my photos from the previous post about Namba Park? I enjoyed it a lot.

  4. I enjoyed your posts on Japan very much!
    I’ve rediscovered attractive spots in Kansai.I’ve only visited Osaka twice but will travel again and visit same place you’ve introduced.

    If you have chance please visit Nagasaki,Japan, too, also beautiful city which is my hometown.

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