Momente din Seul 21. Altarul Wongudan / Seoul Moments 21. Wongudan Altar

The Wongudan Temple is a jewel unknown for many of the inhabitants of Seoul. It was erected on 1897, in the period when the king Sojong autoproclaimed himself emperor of the Daehan Empire. As this was a title which made … Continue reading

Momente din Seul 17. Gradina Namsangol Hanok / Seoul Moments 17. Namsangol Hanok Garden

On your way to or from Namsan Mountain, you mai stroll a little through Namsangol Hanok Garden. During Joseon dynasty, this was a kind of resort. Sometime they called it Cheonghak-dong after the blue cranes who inhabited the area. To … Continue reading

Momente din Seul 14. Schimb de garda la palat / Seoul Moments 14. The Enactment of the Royal Guards Change

After I have seen many k-drama with historical subject, I am familiarized with the Joseon period atmosphere, so I was looking forward to follow the enactment of the  royal guards exchange. It was a colourful spectacle, admired by many people … Continue reading

Momente din Seul 13. Palatul Deoksugung / Seoul Moments 13. Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung was the second palace I visited in Seoul. It is situated in the City Hall Plaza, encircled by modern buildings. The entrance fee is 1000 won. It is the most “modern” of all. Even if it was constructed in … Continue reading

Momente din Seul 12. Templul Bongeunsa / Seoul Moments 12. Bongeunsa Temple

Buddhism has been introduced in Korea in 372. Blended with Shamanist  (the initial religion of the nation) and Japanese Zen elements, it created the Korean Buddhism. The Bongeunsa Temple has been erected in 794 by monk Yeonhue Sunim, during the … Continue reading