Arigato, Japonia! 54. Namba Park / Arigato, Japan! 54. Namba Park

I saw Namba Park firstly on internet. It drew my attention because of the interesting mixture between modern architecture and gardening. It is a space filled with restaurants and shops, hosting many events. Gardens with trees and flowers, waterfalls recommend … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 53. Castelul din Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 53. Osaka Castle

At the beginning, on the place where the Osaka Castle can be seen today, it was a temple constructed on 1496. After 14 years of fightings, the shogun Hideyoshi Toyotami took the territory and begun to build a mighty fortress. … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 49. Strada comerciala Shinsaibashi / Arigato, Japan 49. Shopping Street Shinsaibashi

Why are people attracted here? Shinsaibashi is a commercial covered arcade, housing over 500 shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors. There are a lot of eateries on the little side streets. Around noon a lot of people could be seen here, searching … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia! 48. Ce fel de muzee sunt in Osaka? / Arigato, Japan! 48. What Kind of Museums Do You Find in Osaka?

Osaka is rich in museums, so I went to visit some. I also wanted to see the modern architecture and museums here are modern buildings. The National Museum of Arts was opened in the new building on 2007. The architect … Continue reading

Arigato, Japonia 47. America Mura, Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 47. America Mura, Osaka

The Hearton Hotel Shinsaibashi is strategically positioned very near the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, America Mura and Dotonbori. A standard single room is 7400 yen/night. It’s not very cheap but every objective is handy. I walked 2-3 minutes to the America … Continue reading