Vacanta in Muntenegru 13. Stari Bar / Montenegrin Vacation 13. Old Bar

Bar was founded by the slavs in the VIIth century, and dominated by Byzant till the half of the XVth century. The first written mention goes back to the XI century, when it was called Antibareos. In 1077 they had … Continue reading

Vacanta in Muntenegru 12. Cetinje / Montenegrin Vacation 12. Cetinje

There are aprox. 70 km from Ulcinj to Cetinje, on a mountainous road, going up and down and offering nice views toward the Skadar Lake (at the beginning) and the Adriatic See, afterward. Unfortunately, like almost everywhere in Montenegro, there … Continue reading

Vacanta in Muntenegru 6. Pe Valea Moraca, spre litoral / Montenegrin Vacation 6. Following Moraca Valley to the Seaside

Early in the morning, it’s only shadow on the plateau were ECO OASIS is. Today we have a longer way: we will depart from Tara Valley, drive along the Moraca Valley to the capital town Podgorica, pass the Skadar Lake … Continue reading