Dacă vreți să vedeți…

Acum două zile, am publicat pe celălalt blog al meu (ochiulbabei.me) un articol intitulat Ce m-a motivat să călătoresc: ilustrate din Europa, la început de secol 20. Poate vreți să le vedeți, să simțiți parfumul începutului de secol în aspectul vetust al ilustratelor. Sunt vederi din Europa, așa că mari șanse sunt să vă fi purtat deja pașii pe acolo….

vedere din 1912

Two days ago I published on my other blog (ochiulbabei.me) an article entitled ” What Motivated My Travels: Postcards from Europe, at the Beginning of the 20th Century . May be you want to see them and feel the perfume of the epoch…There are many chances that you have visited already those places.


Dacă vreți să vedeți… — 6 Comments

  1. I’m always more pictures of you accustomed Adriana but now I see only one. And you ehbt created a new blog I read by myself I get there to see!? An “error”

  2. You will find more photos clicking on the title of the article published on the new blog. Yes, I have a new blog, a general one, written only in Romanian. As I published there an article connected with travels, based on old postcards, I created a link article on my usual blog, motivated by the fact that, may be my friends visiting travelinghawk.me would like to see the postcards. This blog still remains in function. Thank you for the comment, Helma, and please enjoy the postcards!

  3. Αγαπητή μου Adriana
    Καλορίζικο και το καινούργιο σου blog!
    Είδα τις κάρτες, είναι ίδιες με το σήμερα των πόλεων!
    Σου εύχομαι μια ευτυχισμένη χρονιά, γεμάτη από ταξίδια και πραγματοποίηση των ονείρων σου!
    Πολλά φιλιά

    • Thank you very much, Magda, for your visit! If it is possible, can you write your comments in English, please? 🙂
      Big hug from Romania.

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