Pe Drumul Matasii in Uzbekistan 2. Cazare in Tashkent

Hotelul de 4 stele “Uzbekistan” se afla chiar in centrul capitalei uzbece, in Piata Amir Temur. Inaugurat in 1974, acesta era hotelul pentru turistii straini, in fosta Uniune Sovietica localnicii neavand acces in asemenea locuri. Ca arhitectura, el seamana cu multe hoteluri colos (243 camere) din alte orase. Acesta are forma unei carti deschise spre piata amintita, oferind frumoase imagini panoramice.
DSCN0080 DSCN0077
Chiar daca camerele in sine au un mobilier mai vechi, ele sunt spatioase si foarte curate. Toate sunt dotate cu aer conditionat, mini frigider, televizor, uscator de par.
in camera noastra
priveliste spre Piata Amir Temur, cu Muzeul Timurizilor in plan secund (cupola vernil)
Holul principal al hotelului va poate da o idee despre eleganta sa, chiar daca putin vetusta.
Restaurantul propriu ofera specialitati ale bucatariei nationale si internationale. Micul dejun oferit, stil bufet suedez, a fost complet si foarte variat.
iata deja ceva din luxul oriental
Hotelul mai dispune de un restaurant mai mic si un bar. De asemenea, are un magazin cu suveniruri si un punct de schimb valutar.
Chiar in fata hotelului se afla statia de metrou, ceea ce face deplasarea in capitala foarte usoara. De altfel, numeroase obiective turistice se afla in apropierea sa, la distanta de mers pe jos.
Deoarece noi am sosit mai devreme decat inceperea excursiei, am platit o taxa de “early check-in”, care a insemnat 18$/persoana. Am dorit sa avem timp la dispozitie pentru a vizita si altceva decat cele incluse in programul excursiei, adica Muzeul National de Istorie, Muzeul dinastiei timurizilor si sa urcam in Turnul TV pentru privelisti panoramice asupra orasului. In plus, noi am putut vedea mai pe indelete cateva locuri din centrul orasului, prin care am trecut a doua zi cu intreg grupul, zoriti de ghid si de programul riguros.
On the Silk Road in Uzbekistan 2. Accommodation in Tashkent
The “Uzbekistan” Hotel, a four stars one, was inaugurated on 1974 in the Amir Temur Square, right in the centre of the city. It was a hotel for the foreign tourists only, as the locals were not permitted in. It is a huge construction, like in other towns of the former Soviet Union. It has the form of an open book, offering large panoramas to the square. In spite of the fact that the furniture is a little bit old, the rooms are big and clean. They have air conditioned, mini fridge, TV set and hair dryer. The hall is still elegant. The restaurant offers national and European dishes. The breakfast (Swedish buffet) was good and the dishes have been  plenty.
The subway station is right in front of the hotel, making simple your movements into the city. Many objectives are at the walking distance, like museums (History, Timurids, Fine Arts), parks and squares (Amir Temur, Independence), open market (Oloy Bazaar), etc.
We arrived earlier in Tashkent, so we had to pay an early check-in of 18$/person. This gave us the opportunity to add some objectives we visited alone, beside those included in the group programme.


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  1. What an elegant hotel. The bed looks a bit narrow, i hope it is only a single bed. The views are beautiful. Do they also have vegetarian section in the buffet,I found it very difficult to get any vegetarian food, other than fried potaoes in Europe.
    I really can’t understand why they don’t keep some local vegetarian dishes for people like us, and which even the others can enjoy if they want to.
    I think, in that way, India is the best place where there is plenty of choice of both vegetarian and non vegetarian in all buffets.
    It is so good ot know about the places visited by you.

  2. Yes, rama, it was a single bed. I shared the room with my friend, who occupied the other one but because of the shape of the room it doesn’t appear here. The breakfast was buffet type, so you could choose vegetarian dishes. In restaurants we ate it was the same. Japan is also good for vegetarians but I agree the first place belongs to India:)

  3. Jeez say! What a building! Would be great for me too.
    I like a hotel but this kind of huge buildings
    I’m really much too big. It will of course have been very nice,
    photo 7 and made ​​a big impression on me 🙂

  4. O camera frumoasa si eleganta si un hotel impresionant, chiar daca e mai vechi. Presupun, ca o sa scrii despre latura gastronomica a calatoriei in finalul serialului uzbek …

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