Calator in Thailanda 17. Sukhotai, Muang Kao sau Orasul Vechi / Traveller in Thailand 17. Sukhotai, Muank Kao or The Old City

We left Chiang Mai by bus, at 6 o’clock in the morning, to go to Sukhotai. The length of the way was of about 250 km and it took 5 hours. There are 12 buses per day, and a ticket … Continue reading

Itinerar albanez 4. Cetatea Rozafa / Albanian Itinerary 4. Rozafa Castle

Approaching Shkoder, the ruins of the Rozafa Castle, on a 130 m height hill, attract you immediately. The castle is important for the Albanian history, as it was once the capital of the Illyric kingdom. This castle is connected with … Continue reading

Vacanta in Muntenegru 13. Stari Bar / Montenegrin Vacation 13. Old Bar

Bar was founded by the slavs in the VIIth century, and dominated by Byzant till the half of the XVth century. The first written mention goes back to the XI century, when it was called Antibareos. In 1077 they had … Continue reading