Itinerar albanez 12. Gjirokaster – orasul muzeu / Albanian Itinerary 12. Museum-Town, Gjirokaster

In 2005, Gjirokaster became an objective in the UNESCO world treasury, and in 1961 the Albanian government granted the title of “museum-town”. Known as Argyropolis (Silver City) sau Argyrokastron (Silver Castle), the settlement appeared in the Vth. century BC, but … Continue reading

Itinerar albanez 10. Cazare in Ksamil / Albanian Itinerary 10. Accommodation in Ksamil

I’m writing this post especially for those wanting to travel to Albania and have doubts about accommodation. I booked mine, in Ksamil, on More information here: Being a family business, recommends this accommodation. The father, a former horticultural … Continue reading

Itinerar albanez 7. Mancarea / Albanian Itinerary 7. The Food

I have not much to add about the Albanian food versus what I wrote about Montenegro ( it has the same Balkanic characteristics. May be the menu has not such a large offer. The apetizres and the salads are well … Continue reading

Itinerar albanez 4. Cetatea Rozafa / Albanian Itinerary 4. Rozafa Castle

Approaching Shkoder, the ruins of the Rozafa Castle, on a 130 m height hill, attract you immediately. The castle is important for the Albanian history, as it was once the capital of the Illyric kingdom. This castle is connected with … Continue reading