Arigato, Japonia! 52. Muzeul de istorie, Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 52. History Museum, Osaka


The History Museum is very near the Osaka Castle, so I started the visit here. The museum is open between 9.30-17, and the entrance fee is 600 yen.

This building was erected on the place of the former Naniwa Palace, built by the emperor Kotoku on 645, when Osaka was still the capital of Japan.

On the 10 levels of the museum you may see the history of the city and the whole area. You may also have a glimpse to the city or the castle. When you leave the museum you may take a photograph with a samurai helmet (300 yen).

Muzeul de Istorie din Osaka se afla in apropierea castelului. El este deschis intre orele 9.30-17 si intrarea costa 600 yen. Deschis in 2003, a fost construit pe locul fostului Palat Naniwa, ridicat d eimparatul Kotoku, in 645, cand Osaka era capitala Japoniei. Acest muzeu este un alt exemplu de arhitectura moderna.


 Liftul te poarta pe la toate cele 10 nivele, unde este reconstituita viata si istoria orasului si a zonei.

 Printre exponate, se poate vedea si cate o panorama a orasului si a castelului din apropiere.

La iesirea din muzeu, te poti fotografia cu un coif de samurai 🙂


Arigato, Japonia! 52. Muzeul de istorie, Osaka / Arigato, Japan! 52. History Museum, Osaka — 12 Comments

  1. Hmmm… I don’t remember this handsome building next to Osaka Castle, but it sure is worthy of all the elegant Japanese historical items it stores and displays. Lookin’ good in the helmet, Traveling Hawk… but I can hardly imagine actually fighting in it!

  2. You are right, Francesca, the helmet is very heavy, and that I tried at the Osaka Castle is heavier:) I can’t imagine either how they could move their heads?!

    Well, you cross a park between the two objectives, the museum and the park. The museum is right near the subway station.

  3. Oh,you went to History Museum!
    I’ve never been to this Museum,but these are really great photos.
    And you’re like Sengoku warrior!!:)
    My husband said this is Sanada Yukimura’s helmet.Sanada Yukimura is one of the bravest warrior in Sengoku era.(500 years ago)And his helmet is famous for its beauty.
    Thank you for sharing great photos!

  4. I think this is a really beautiful building. And inside it looks very nice from what I can see your photos. A wonderful view from the 10th floor. Nice that you yourself can be photographed with a samurai 🙂

    Greetings, Helma

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