Calator in Thailanda 37. Marele Palat din Bangkok (2) / Traveller in Thailand 37. Grand Palace in Bangkok (2)

The Interior Court, the third division of the Grand Palace is more modern and it has fewer visitors. The architecture is more known by us, Europeans, but there are also many traditional buildings.

I noticed Phra Maha Prasat, a nice group of buildings, with an open terrace holding a throne used by Rama V for audiences on the Consecration Ceremony.

Many statues of Chinese influence and plants adorned the yard. On a building I saw the symbol of Thailand and The King of Thailand. We looked once more behind to this fairy palace, and then left.

A treia diviziune a palatului, Curtea Interioara, este mai moderna si are mult mai putini vizitatori. Este partea “oficiala”, cea in care s emai tin ceremonii. Caracteristicile arhitecturale stiute de noi in Europa confera acest aer modern, punctat de elemente de traditionalitate.

Un efect aparte are grupul de cladiri Phra Maha Prasat sau “Holul Marei Spire”, aflat la vestul complexului. Acolo, o terasa deschisa, sprijinita pe stalpi, adaposteste un tron folosit in timpul audientelor cu ocazia Ceremoniei Consacrarii, de catre regele Rama V.

 grupul Phra Maha Dusit

Plante in ghivece si statui cu influente chinezesti impodobesc spatiul.

Pe frontispiciul unei cladiri se vede simbolul Thailandei si al regelui. Felinare frumoase se aliniaza spre iesirea spre curtea exterioara.

iesirea spre curtea exterioara
Inainte de a parasi palatul mai aruncam o privire inapoi spre lumea de basm.


Calator in Thailanda 37. Marele Palat din Bangkok (2) / Traveller in Thailand 37. Grand Palace in Bangkok (2) — 16 Comments

  1. Kings and Queens or the families of these decendants all around the world are the same, they life lavishly, spent money not of their earnings, and display their wealth to others in a way which makes others jealous! Why !
    Nevertheless, the photos are beautiful !

  2. What a splendor in this series of photographs Traveling Hawk, but it is very impressive. What a wonderful show you buildings and beautiful architecture.

    OT Foxes photos were taken with a large telephoto 150-500, so you could see the fox as pretty close to see 🙂

    Greetings, Helma

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