Circuit in Turcia 9. Marmaris / Roundtrip in Turkey 9. Marmaris

A one week stay in Marmaris, one of the oldest resort on the Turquoise Coast was wonderful! The resort is surrounded by mountains. Staying on the beach and admiring the landscape, it makes you wonder if it is a passage in the open sea there!

The beach itself is not so great: scarce sand of a rather greyish color. Perhaps it is better to take the dolmus (1.75 TL/pers.) or a taxi-boat (7.5 TL/pers.) and go to Icmeler. But we didn’t come here for the beach! There are so many trips to the surrounding area that you have not time enough to organise yourself.

Once a week, on Thursday, it is market day. A colorful place where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, spices but also clothes, shoes, bags, Haggling is a norm (usually a little over half the asked price).

In the evening, the Bar Street awaits you with many bars and restaurants, and also shops which stay open till very late.

Un sejur de o saptamana la Marmaris, una dintre cele mai vechi statiuni turcesti de pe Coasta de Turcoaz a fost prilej de continua incantare. In primul rand, asezarea este splendida. Chiar daca e un cliseu, asa e! Marmaris pare asezata pe fundul unei vai, inconjurata din toate partile de munti.

Marmaris, vazut de pe serpentine

Stand pe plaja si privind in fata ta, ai impresia ca nu exista nici o iesire spre larg, printre munti. Plaja nu e grozava, cu nisip putin, mai degraba gri decat auriu. Peisajul face insa toti banii si noi nu am venit aici pentru plaja (unde n-am stat nici o zi!).

 plaja din Marmaris

Sunt atat de multe excursii de facut din Marmaris in imprejurimi, incat daca nu vrei neaparat sa stai sa te prajesti cu orele, abia reusesti sa te organizezi. Oricum, o plaja mai frumoasa si mai putin aglomerata gasesti la Icmeler, unde poti ajunge cu dolmusul (1.75 TL/persoana) sau cu taxi-barca (7.50 TL/persoana).


O data pe saptamana, joia, in Marmaris e piata mare cu fructe, legume, mirodenii dar si haine, pantofi, posete, etc. Targuiala e modul acceptat de a face cumparaturi aici.


Seara, aproape de marina, te asteapta animata “strada barurilor”. Magazinele sunt deschise pana tarziu in noapte.


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