Erevan, fără cuvinte

N-am vrut să lungesc prea mult cu fotografii postarea precedentă, așa că am recurs la această soluție. Vă las să vă plimbați în continuare prin Erevan, prin intermediul fotografiilor.

Photo67 Photo68 Photo82 Photo148 Photo156 Photo157 Photo160 Photo161 Photo163 Photo156 Photo179 Photo182 Photo193 Photo194 Photo196 Photo195 Photo239 Photo247 Photo2 Photo7 Photo37 Photo38 Photo44 Photo54 Photo52 Photo56 Photo74 Photo91 Photo107 Photo105 Photo70 Photo125 Photo43 Photo96 Photo100

Yerevan, Without Words

I simply invite you to walk in Yerevan, looking at my photos. Enjoy!


Erevan, fără cuvinte — 4 Comments

  1. Interesant amestec de monumental si modest. Din poze pare ca este multa culoare pe strazi. Se vede ca nu au uitat nici acum evenimentele din 1915

  2. Wonderful photos! I’ve never been there,but One of these photos makes me feel nostalgic. I don’t know why.And these motorbikes! They’re colourd beautifully! That’s nice.

    • It is a mix of photos, mainly details. Those scooters are already finished for the transport but they were painted and transformed in garbage baskets. Very original!

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